Investment security

Our approach does not only allow us to achieve above-standard returns for investors, but also provides high security and guarantees for all investments. The main elements of investment protection include:

Buyback Guarantee

If the borrower does not properly repay the loan, the loan provider guarantees the purchase of the entire claim back from investors. This is done within a maximum of 60 days of any delay. Investor has covered not only an outstanding principal, but also an unpaid interest. With the buyback guarantee mechanism, investors have covered the entire credit risk.

Skin in the game

The professional lenders we cooperate with do not sell their entire loan to investors but keep a minimum of 10% stake in every loan. Along with a buyback guarantee, providers are thus motivated for a professional loan management, focusing on risk management and borrowers administration.

Only verified providers

We only work with proven professional lenders with years of experience and significant market share. We monitor their history, portfolio size and quality, financial parameters, quality standards and risk management procedures, as well as other parameters which must provide a framework for an effective cooperation. We also monitor and evaluate the performance of all providers on a regular basis.

Application verification process and risk management

Among other things, we also consider loan providers credit quality and their approach to lending, application verification processes and risk management. We monitor the current and historical performance of their loan portfolio with an emphasis on profitability and sustainability of the business model.

High diversification

We work with professional lenders with a significant market share who are able to provide us with a constant amount of new loans for investment. In addition, they are diversified among a number of demographics, clients and products. We can thus ensure a fast and highly diversified investment placement for our clients.

Investor’s money protection

Funds in investment accounts which are not invested in loans are not money of our company. These funds are stored in corresponded banks on special accounts strictly separated from other bank accounts of the company and belong exclusively to the investors.

High transparency

Unlike other forms of investment, such as mutual funds or company bonds, you know where your money goes to, how it is invested, and how each single investment is developing. On his investment account each user has an overview not only about overall performance of his portfolio, but he can easily see the detail of each single active or past investment too as well as any transactions made on his account. In detail of the investment, in addition to the underlying loan and borrower data, he can also see the repayment history as well as the future expected repayments. If the user is interested, he can also manage the portfolio by himself and choose exactly to which loans and under what conditions his money will be invested.

Our investment protection elements aim to make investment in to loans not only profitable, but also transparent and highly secure for all investors. However, keep in mind that, as with any other investment, when investing in to loans, your capital is subject to risks and past returns are not a guarantee of future returns.

Information about the professional lenders who we cooperate with can be found here.