Frequently Asked Questions


We are a financial technological company that allows people and companies easy and transparent investing in to loans and thus achieving above average returns which were previously accessible only to large financial institutions. We cooperate with leading professional loan providers with years of experience and significant market share. In addition, we offer for our clients a guarantee of their investments, including interest.

To make investing really easy, we provide to our clients (investors) all activities connected with investments origination, administration and settlement.

In addition to accepting the General Terms and Conditions, you only electronically sign a Framework Cooperation Agreement that provides the legal framework for all of your loan investments on our portal.

Investing on REDLEE is totally free. You do not pay any entry or exit charges. You also don't pay any investment management fees. The only small fees are charged for the sale of the investment on the Secondary Market and for withdrawing money to the bank account.

You can find our Schedule of Charges here.

The money you transfer to your investment account is not held and owned by us, but is deposited in a separate account opened at a major bank solely for that purpose and which is separated from the financial resources and all other bank accounts used by our company. These funds in sole ownership of investor are also subject to the protection of the bank deposit guarantee scheme, as determined by the legislation No. 118/1996 Z.b. about Deposits protection.

On our portal, you act anonymous under your nickname and your personal data is not disclosed to other system users.

All personal information you provide us is processed in accordance with the Slovak law no. 18/2018 on the protection of personal data, Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council from the 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (GDPR) and other applicable rules. For detailed information on the processing and handling of your personal data, please refer to the Documents section - Personal Data Processing Information.

Our website and IT system are secured by the highest security standards so that all your personal details are absolutely safe. When connected to our portal and working with your investments, auctions, loans and personal data, all transmitted data is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. In this way, it is ensured that your data will reach us the way you entered it and nobody else read it.

On our portal, you act anonymous under your nickname and your personal data is not disclosed.

User account

For security reasons your user account is blocked for a certain period, after entering multiple incorrect passwords. Only after certain time you can re-enter your login information. If you have forgotten your password, press "I forgot my password" link on the Login page. The system will generate a new password that will be sent as a message to your phone. You will also be notified about this activity by email.

As these are legally relevant data affecting the concluded contracts, the change of your personal data, such as name, ID number, or permanent address, cannot be done on the system without our knowledge. To make this change, upload a copy of your new identity document under My Profile.

In the My Profile section, you can change your associated bank account to which you can withdraw money from your investment account.

When you age logged, write us a message with this request using a secure Help form on our page. Make sure you have no active investments or any money on your investment account.

Your user name in the system is unique and serves also for your legal identification. Therefore, it cannot be changed after registration.

For security reasons, we don't allow users to change their email directly in the system. For this change please contact us via the secure form Help.

In My Profile section for the most of message types you can choose whether to be notified by email or by a message in your Notifications center page.

As well as provide a central location for all of your notifications we have also added the ability for you to ‘follow’ other users. This innovative feature will allow you keep track of what your friends or some of our top investors are doing in order to help you learn from other people in our community and increase the profits you earn from your investments. You can easily follow another investor by searching for their name within the notification centre, or by using the ‘Follow’ button in their investor profile. Once you follow an investor information about their investment activity will be displayed in your news feed and if someone follows you they will be updated about your activity. If you do not want to share you investment activity with other users it is easy to ‘Block’ any investor that has decided to follow you.


Citizens and companies of any country covered by SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) may invest on the protal. Citizens have to be over 18 years old, have full legal capacity, and have a bank account in one of the SEPA countries. In the case of companies, registration takes place individually, as we request additional information regarding corporate documents of the company and information on ultimate owners and beneficiaries in accordance with AML legal regulations.

The countries covered by SEPA included all EU countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Croatia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Spain, Sweden, and Italy), as well as other EEA countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Monaco).

Yes, companies can invest too. Their registration takes place individually, as we request additional information regarding corporate documents of the company and information on ultimate owners and beneficiaries in accordance with AML legal regulations.

First you need to register on our portal. By this you will create a user account to which you can deposit funds you want to invest. The system automatically invests in loans to ensure the highest possible return and wider diversification of your investment.

If you prefer, your portfolio can also be managed by yourself and you can invest in to loans manually. In the Auction section, you choose exactly which loans and under what conditions your money will be invested.

The minimum amount of one investment is 1 EUR and there is no maximum limit for your total investment portfolio (the combined amount of all of your investments in individual loans).

The system automatically invests in to loans in a way that your overall investment is as diversified as possible among a large number of loans.

Adding funds to your investment account is a standard money transfer from your bank or e-money account. To transfer money use a bank account number and reference code information which you find in the My Account section.

If you send money from country other than Slovakia, we recommend using SEPA payments that do not charge any extra fees. If you make a conversion or do a money transfer which will include bank extra charge, the amount of bank fee will be deducted from your investment account.

It is up to you how much money you send to your investment account when you start investing. You can be sending money without any limitations in any quantity and time intervals. As soon as money are deposited to your investment account and you use automatic investment, they will be added to your portfolio and invested in to loans.

Your return depends on the conditions we have agreed with the professional loan providers, so the interest they will pay to our investors for investing into their loand together with buyback guarantee. You can find the current interest rates on the page Auctions.

The main element of your investment security is the Buyback guarantee in case of loan default. If the borrower does not repay the loan, the professional loan provider guarantees a purchase of the entire claim back from the investors. This is done within a maximum of 60 days of any delay. The investor has covered not only his outstanding principal but also his outstanding interest. Buyback guarantee mechanism covers entire credit risk for investors.

You can learn more about all elements of investing security in section Investments Security.

No, when investing automatically, your investment is spread among a large number of loans, so it is sufficiently diversified. We also recommend the same if you decide to manage your investments by your self and invest manually.

We actively monitor repayments of every loan and the progress of each instalment. You can find the repayment process on your account in detail for each investment. At the same time, the loan provider ensures all processes of potential default recovery and communication with the borrower.

In a case the loan repayment would be delayed for 60 days, the Buyback guarantee mechanism will be started giving you the full balance of your outstanding principal and outstanding interest.

For an actual list of loan providers and information about them, visit Professional loans providers.

In a theoretical case, the lender to which the investor has invested went out of business, we have contractual instruments in place to ensure that investors receive the investment and repayment of the loans they have invested in.

Loan agreements with the loan provider through which the investments are made are also secured directly by the provider claims against borrowers. This claim would be automatically transferred to our company. At the same time, in the event of a provider's bankruptcy, these claims would be paid directly to investors.

Your invested money is always available to you. When you need to withdraw part or all of your money to your bank account, you will enter a withdrawal request in My Account section. Available resources will be transferred immediately. If the withdrawal requirement exceeds actual sum of available resources, the necessary portion of your investment will be automatically sold for the outstanding principal price and then transferred to your bank account.

Our Secondary market makes it easy for you to sell any of your active investments early to other investors in our community.

The seller creates an auction for the investment they want to sell and the asking price. Investments can be purchased instantly by making a bid at or above the asking price for the auction. Buyers can also bid an amount lower than the asking price for the auction, with an expiry date for their offer, which is then either accepted or rejected by the Seller.

Prices for investments are listed as a % of the current remaining loan principal, which can be a premium or a discount price. If during a live auction a loan repayment has been recieved, it goes to the investor who is its owner at the time of the repayment. In this case, the sale on the secondary market would be also cancelled as the original conditions changed.

If an investment is not sold within the 14 day auction period the seller has two options. Restart the auction immediately at a reduced price; or wait at least 30 days before restarting the auction, with any asking price they want. If a loan auctions is restarted immediately, the asking price must be reduced by a minimum amount, which is based on the current loan repayment status: At least 0.1% for 'Good Repayments' (loans with less than 30 days late repayments); At least 1.0% for 'Late Repayments' (loans with more than 30 days late repayments).

When the borrower pays a monthly loan installment, the portion of the installment for your investment (including interest) is automatically credited to your investment account. This money can be invested in other loans or transferred to your bank account.

The investor earns money from the loan interest paid as part of their scheduled monthly instalment repayments, which is taxable in compliance with the Law on Income Tax. We do not pay any taxes on behalf of investors that are associated with the earnings. It is for each investor to fulfil this legal obligation in accordance with the laws of the EU and whichever country or countries they have a legal tax obligation in.

The Net Interest Rate statistic for your investment portfolio provides you with a clear indication of what you can actually expect to earn on our platform, taking into account your current mix of loans in your portfolio. We calculate this statistic using the scheduled monthly installment payments for your current loan portfolio, which includes the repayments of loan principal, interest charges and penalty fees. Then we take the adjusted monthly installment amount for your investment portfolio and weight it based on the average maturity dates and investment amounts for the individual loans in your portfolio, to provide you with the Net Interest Rate for your investment portfolio on our portal.

This approach allows us to provide you with a Net Investment Return statistic, which gives you a simple yet highly accurate projection of the future earnings from your investment portfolio on an annual (p.a.) basis, while also fully taking into account the diverse mix of maturity dates and interest rates for the individual loans you have invested in on our platform.

Your Net Investment Return statistic is calculated at the end of each calendar month and therefore reflects the most recent data about your investment portfolio at the end of the previous month.